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You are uniquely wired by God for a specific purpose, and that unless you figure out what that purpose is, you’ll never be truly fulfilled. 

No one else on earth can fulfill that unique purpose that is for you. Maybe you know exactly what your purpose is, maybe you’ve been running from it for a while, or maybe you have absolutely no idea where to even start looking for it…
I want to help you find it. I want to give you hope. Because I believe the ones who are radical enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who actually do. 
This is the perfect time to rejoin, or to try, a local church to find restoration, purpose and hope.

Pastor Jonathan Nantais

What to Expect

Children's Ministry

Kids will be kids! We encourage children to express themselves during service as long as they’re safe and respect others. DANCE, LAUGH, PRAISE! Even some adults are just big KIDS!

After praise and worship, children are invited to go to the children’s classroom. This is usually at 11 am and last until the end of service at 11:40am.

Don’t forget to complete the Child Registration Form below or just grab one from the ushers.

Child Registration Form

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